A Client's Story: The same facility resources that made this story possible are available for lease to your engineering team.


ESG was contacted by ZAI.  They needed to help develop some custom 19 inch rack mounted equipment.  They had a contract to instrument an aircraft with custom electronics and fly over the rain forest to record bio-density data.  This process involved creating an agile ground penetrating radar system that was to be used in the commercial frequency band.  Avoiding used frequencies was paramont.

An interface to ZAI's computer that would respond to commands to
    1. set the ZAI's RF equipment on the desired frequency; 
    2. provide precisely timed start and stop pulses.
was developed at ESG.

The system was a great success. 

 ZAI Flight team    
A Picture of the Flight Team

The project required the design electronic digital circuits using a Microprocessor and an FPGA.  It required the layout of a PCB, plus it's  fabrication, assemble, test, and integration into the deliverable ZAI system.   All work on the controller PCB was done at ESG's Gaithersburg facility.  After a successful flight, ESG received a hand signed card of thanks from the team.