ESG Equipment:


 Electronic testing  and  circuit  debug start with a well supplied electronics Lab.

·         Tektronic TLA 720 Logic Analyzer  (134 channel 500ps)

·         HP 7000A 27 GHz Spectrum Analyzer (4 color display) with HP70300A 20Hz to 2.9GHz Tracking Generator

·         LeCroy Wave Runner 6100 4 channel 1GHz (10 GHz Dual) scope with all software enabled

·         HP 8687B 0.1Hz to 2.06 GHz Rf Signal Generator

·         HP 5335 Universal Counter

·         HP 5464 100 MHz 2 channel analog w/ 16 Digital channel Mix Signal  Scope/Logic Analyzer

·         HP 8165A Programmable Signal Source

·         Four Agilent 6632B DC Bench Supplies

·         Array 3701A DC Electronic Load 0-360V/150W

·         Tektronic 2465B 400MHz dual channel scope

·         Bausch & Lomb Bi-ocular microscope

·         Numerous Metcal, Weller and Madel soldering / Desoldering (hot air) stations.

·         Rockland 5600 0, 1 to 160 MHz Freq Synthesizer

·         10 MHz GPS lab reference for all equipment

·         Large stock of both surface mount and through hole components for bread boarding and debugging.

·         Many more pulse generators, bench supplies, volt ohm meters, hand tools too numerous to list.

·         CNC TAGG mini vertical mill        

·         Wire feed welder

·         Gas Welder

·         Roll Bend and Sheer

·         Various drill presses, and extensive shop tools with complete set of Greenlee hole punches, band saws, pop riveter, etc.


Very few Freelancer,Elance,Odesk,PeopleperHour Electronic Engineers or PCB designers have access to the electronic insturmentation and tool resources available at ESG.